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The Grand Northern Recording Studio is now open!

Grand Northern Recording Studio

The CMI Music Group are proud to announce the opening of our brand new recroding studio The Grand Northern.

The studio is own by the band Mamma Freedom and is situated in the grade II listed Woodend Mill in the beautiful and peaceful

Countryside town of Mossley just outside Manchester UK and 20 minutes from the centre.

Designed by head producer Alexander Johnston, the 8 room complex consists of a live room, drum room, vocal booth, main control room A (Alexander Johnston) and 2 additional control rooms; B (Kane Kingsland) and C (Corben Lamb), Guitar and repair suite run by studio manager Gareth Bourne, an office and recreation area and a kitchen area including WiFi and full global TV.

The client list and project CV includes:

Robbie Williams



Ray Charles

Damon Albarn ( Blur / Gorillaz)

Alexander O’Neal

Mamma Freedom


John Newman (Pre- Eurovision...)

Leah Weller

The Hara

Solados Mark Foster

Girls Aloud Members



Sarah Harding

Hotbed Ibiza Sound System

At the The Grand Northern we cater for all styles and genres. From your first ever recording session to a million selling comeback album and everything in between.

We have world class Producers, mixers mastering, 10 piece session band with some of the best in the business, CMI Media which is the in house video and photography team and our very own in house technician who will service and set up guitars, repair instruments and general repairs.

The Grand Northern.

Your music, the way You hear it.

Book now:

Special opening month offers.


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