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Grand Northern Media Group

The Grand Northern Media Group is home to some of the best talent in the business including globally renowned Producer Alexander Johnston, Mamma Freedom, G and the recording studio The Grand Northern.


Alex is a producer, song writer, arranger, scorer and multi-instrumentalist. He has already produced, written, composer or worked with artists who have sold a combined total of over 100 million records globally. He owns The Grand Northern Recording Studio and a 15 piece studio band of some of the biggest talent in the business. After finishing writing, producing and mixing the new Alexander O’Neal album ‘Resurrected, He recently re-arranged, re-recorded, Mixed and Mastered a new version of O’Neals 1988 smash Hearsay30 a new twist on the original Million Selling classic from O’Neal, Jam and Lewis. Alex also helped produce, mix and master the 2019 Live at The Palladium for O'Neal.

Along with the production and writing departments the impressive roster includes the soul legend Alexander O’Neal, ground breaking genre crossing Mamma Freedom, Soul singer JV Johnston, Singer / rapper Ashleigh Eymann, rapper Ishkan and the combined Hip Hop / Soul band The Sonic Generals. The company also scores and composes for Hollywood film companies, companies including Honda and Samsung and the scoring of 2 Apple iNovels.


Alex is also a Music Supervisor and consultant for multiple companies both globally and on the UK.

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Alexander Johnston

Alex is a producer, mixer, masterer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. 

His music career began in 1999. While playing in the first incarnation of what was to become Mamma Freedom he used to help run promotions at Manchester's famous Boardwalk, along with running the rehearsal rooms that were occupied by Oasis, James and The Happy Mondays. Alex was also head of certain areas of the world famous 'In The City' ran by Tony Wilson and was the co-promoter of Manchesters first ever open air gig at Castlefield featuring Shed Seven, Space and many of the top indie acts at the time.


As Alex, his brother and song-writing partner J went from studio to studio in search of a sound they would always come away unhappy with what they'd done due to costs and time restraints. It was then decided that they needed their own studio. They set up what gear they had in a converted room in their parents garage and with a digital 8 track machine Alex's production journey began.

Alex is now the proud owner of The Grand Northern Recording Studio and The CMI Music Group along with J and the Mamma Freedom members.

Alex's clients include:

Alexander O’Neal (no.1 Selling artist)

Robbie Williams (no.1 Selling artist)

Damon Albarn (no.1 selling artist)


Mamma Freedom

J V Johnston

James Newman (Brit Award winner)



Hotbed Sound System

The Sonic Generals

Girls Aloud (no.1 Selling artist)

Wiley ( no.1 selling)

Wrigley (Top 10 selling artist)

Jodie Connor ( no.1 Selling artist)

The Happy Mondays (no.1 Selling artist)

Massive Films - soundtrack


Apple - full orchestral scores


New Show Media - film score

The BBC - Score

Wrote the theme to ABC kids show What's Up!

New Road Productions - Film Score

Persian Cat Press - Composer




Children In Need


To get in touch with Alex for any production, mixing, mastering, composing or any general studio enquires please contact us via phone or email.

+44 7740361376

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