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The Grand Northern Recording Studio is owned by Mamma Freedom and Producer Alexander Johnston.

Alexander is an established Industry producer, song-writer and composer along with brother JV Johnston in the US and UK, is Music Supervisor for a Hollywood film company.

With over 20 years experience and knowledge acquired in the industry in many genres, the Grand Northern offers a world class recording, mixing, mastering, composition facility and 20 piece studio band.

The team and the Studio deal with all stages of musician, not just the million sellers, from the band doing their first demo, bands doing demo’s for record companies to a bands 3rd albums or 5th singles, from home studio based songwriters who want their vision bringing to musical life to singers, rappers, jazz trios and full choirs, we deal with all styles too, right through to arranging, song-writing, re-mixing and session players. Even if you’ve never sang or recorded before and want to try we offer a beginners rate too.

Our clients include:


Robbie Williams

Damon Albarn (Gorillaz)

Alexander O'Neal

Mamma Freedom

J V Johnston

The Sonic Generals


Ibiza Hotbed Sound System

Girls Aloud (members)

Children In Need

James Newman

Wiley ( no.1 selling)

Wrigley (Top 10 selling)

Jodie Connor ( no.1 Selling)

The Happy Mondays (members)

Massive Films - soundtrack


Apple - full orchestral scores


New Show Media - film score


ABC kids show What's Up!

New Road Productions - Film Score

Persian Cat Press - Composer


Do you have a song or project that you really believe in, but every time you play it or compare it to industry music it’s just not right. It’s a fantastic song but you can’t get it right or have recorded things that need fixing. We offer a mix rescue package similar to the Online Mixing.



Just send in an unmastered stem either with or without FX for a stereo file for mastering.


Send us the files from the entire song thats already recorded and we can deliver an amazing mix that will be impressive to everyone you play it to.


Send us the basic recorded waves and have our Producer Alexander Johnston, Mix, Produce and Master the song to a top quality releasable level.


Do you want a vocal sound you can't quite nail, or someone to mix a great drum sound, need brass or an Orchestra. Send us your files and we will deliver exactly what you want to make your song the best it can be.



Have your song professionally mastered to radio ready, releasable quality by Alexander Johnston at our special CMI rate






Have you got a great song or album, artist or project, but you can't find the decent musicians? And when you do finally find them, they either let you down or go off on tour with somebody else?

Well we have some of the best studio musicians around. Pick from 20 instruments and use a band that was formed with the old Motown vibe in mind. Musicians who have played on some classic records from Alexander O'Neal, Gorillaz, Robbie Williams and James Newman to Mamma Freedom, Elbow and I am Kloot. The same loyal, trusting most decent bunch of human beings you’ll meet, bring to life your ideas with flair, passion and overall quality.


  • Drums

  • Percussion

  • Bass

  • Piano

  • Wurlitzer / Rhodes

  • Clav

  • Hammond Organ

  • Synths

  • Rhythm Guitar

  • Lead Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Slide Guitar

  • Trumpet

  • Sax

  • Flugel horn

  • Clarinet

  • Flute

  • Strings

  • Choir

  • Male backing vocals

  • Female backing vocals

  • DJ Scratches and Samples

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