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March Madness

Hello all!

I hope everyone is feeling good and making great music.

It's March Madness at the studio after a frantic February.

Ive started work on one of the hottest new alternative rock bands to hit the scene 'The Hara'.

Josh, Zach and Jack are 3 supremely talented guys not to mention wonderful human beings as well.

We are 2 songs into giving them a brand new sound and its going amazingly well and you will be hearing them in the coming months as they get released.

Hitting the Mamma Freedom 3rd album hard at the moment too. Had the worst writers block of my life but under pressure with the brass section due in for a session I had no song for, I sat at the Piano and out popped a new song. The wonders of pressure eh? So some interesting bits on the go.

Had J recording the vocal for his 2nd solo album 'Spirituals' which will be out in the summer 2019

I have had a week editing all the vocals we did and I will start the mixing soon.

Ill be introducing you to Shannon Donnelly very soon. A 17 year old girl singer / songwriter with a golden voice and some excellent songs and stories to tell. More on her next time.

Ill be sending out an offer for the studio for March / April very soon and the CMI:Tutorial Videos will finally start March, its just finding the time.

Well, look after each other, stay safe and work harder than the next guy.

Peace Out Ya'll and Much Love


CMI Music Group

JV Johnston Vocal Session Feb 2019

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