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Busy Start to 2019

Hello all

I hope you are all feeling great and are making great music.

This month I have been busy working on several projects.

Mamma Freedom

The 3rd album from our pride and joy, Cinematic Funksters Mamma Freedom is well under way in writing and recorded so expect that to drop summer 2019 and a tour to follow.


The second album from Mamma Freedom singer, my brother and CMI Partner JV johnston is finished musically and we are ready to attack the vocals. Its an amazing album that is going to really grab the attention.

Merge the Birds

Ive also been working with a fantastic and very unique band called 'Merge The Birds'. One of Mamma Freedom bass player Chris 'Koj' Rogers bands and features some regular CMI contributors including Sax player and leader Josh Poole. The band are known for there clever mash ups and Jazz re-mixes which are superb in quality and musicianship and they are throughly wonderful bunch of guys. J is also directing 2 videos for them which you will see very soon


After my rather amusing social media debate with computer mastering algorithm company LANDR regarding the pros of using a professional mastering engineer against a computer algorithm that is designed to pick the genre of your song based on the mix.

Well as Ive pointed out, if a bad mix engineer leaves a bass too loud on a country its going to read it as a bass heavy genre (not Country) and master as such which is not what the song requires and the program is not intuitive enough to respond to a badly mixed track.

Artists in for mastering this month:

Hank Johnson

Todd Curry

Ron Bissell

New Project

Myself, J and the studio team are about to start work with a new up and coming band of suprerbly talented lads who youre going hearing a lot of over the next fews years.

Ill let you know who next month.

And finally.

CMI: Tutorials is finally gearing up for a Jan release. They will be available on the CMI Music Group YouTube page. I will be sharing all my knowledge and tips of the production, mixing and recorded world with 2 videos a week and a blog. If you have any question or want to know about a specific topic, email me at:

Anyway, stay safe, look after each other and remember, Music is only as good as you want it to be. Work hard, rest well and give it evey thing you got!

Peace out Ya'll

Much Love


Alexander Johnston

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