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Welcome 2019!

Well that went quick! 2018 has shot off into history and 2019 snuck in the back door.

Lots going on this year.

A new Mamma Freedom album

A new JV johnston album

A new Alexander O'Neal album

The Sonic Generals debut album

Mamma Freedom and JV Johnston tour.

and that's just the in house artists projects.

I will be starting my video tutorials this month on the CMI Music Group YouTube page.

Here's a link to the one I did for Future Music last year.

Any questions or problems anyone is having just drop me an email at or on any of the social media and Ill do a video on that topic.

Also many of you may know I have been having somewhat of a running dialogue on the web with mastering company LANDR regarding their algorithm and how its not really practical for all genres.

Anyway, because of this I am mastering any track for just $25 / £20 per track all January and February to prove real beats algorithm.

Well stay safe and see you next month.

Peace Ya'll

That is all,

Alexander 'Gun Smoke' Johnston

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