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The Resurrected Tour with Alexander O'Neal

Well that was another whirlwind of a tour. But this time as a guest member of Alexander O'Neals band playing the brand new track 'Everyday Above Ground Is a Good Day' written by J and myself and recorded by the Mamma Freedom boys and on my beloved AON track 'Fake'.

We got to play some amazing venues starting at Glasgow SEC and finishing at the London Palladium.

It was a huge honour for me to share the stage once again with my other brothers and sisters from the AON band, so thank you to mega talented Billy, Drew, Howard, Kevin, Skins, Wayne, Emil, Romina and Momma Gee and of course the Big Dawg himself Alexander O'Neal.

Big love also to the crew, Barry, Sunny, Nick and Daz.

So back to my first love and my brothers and the new Mamma Freedom album which is starting to take shape very nicely indeed.

Check out this months Future Music magazine featuring AON and myself and a video tutorial of Criticise.

Peace out Ya'll



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