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Hey! May. What did you Say?

Well hello there you beautifully talented bunch.

I hope I find you healthy, mentally well and doing great music.

Its been a busy month here at The Voodoo Suite Studios.

We are so close to the end of the writing and recording the 3rd Mamma Freedom album. I think its the best by a long way in every area and we are more excited than ever for you to hear it and get it out and tour it.

I finished the lovely orchestral piece by Nick Reynaert track 'Riding until the end', he was very happy.

Im still working on the Children's educational piece 'Randoplh' by Carter Jones which is coming along beautifully.

Im 3/4 of the way through recording and tracking drums with Dan for Graham Youngs new album, one more session should do it. The music is superbly played and arranged and is about as diverse as it gets.

Had the pleasure of working with Matt Saxx on his massive new club tune. Sounding beautiful and ready to smash the dance floors very soon.

Back on another excellent Shanonn Donnelly song and looking forward to turning into gold.

Working the clever new Todd Curry track 'DUI Blues' as song as suggested in the title about getting caught drink driving and having the shame and recovery and its been chosen by MADD (Mothers Against Drink Driving) for a campaign which I love its being supported and Im a part of that.

I have finished the mix for the new Alexander O'Neal track, off his first original album proper for over 20 years.

Its called 'Gunsmoke' and I wrote it about Racism today and Alex's life growing up in the hugely racist deep south of American and used lyrics that were from Alexs biography and are all true. Im so excited to see how it is received. Its also where my 'Gunsmoke' knick name came from. The Big Dawg Himself gave it me. Alex is Wichita O'Neal and Im Gunmsoke Johnston.

I am also about to start mixing a brillant Alexander O'Neal live album that Billy and the band recorded on the Resserructed tour I joined them on, they sounded amazing on the tour and the recordings are just as good so I can wait to get that going.

Anyway peeps.

Stay Safe

Look out for each other

And everytime you think you've had enough or want to stop an hour earlier...stay because I guarantee someone else is staying longer and working harder and Id rather that be me.

Much Love



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