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April Showers, Brit Pop Indie Pioneers , Grime Rap Sensations and Soul Legends

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Busy few weeks at the Voodoo Suite Studio with some multi-million selling legends of their Genres through the CMI doors. In particular an Britpop, indie Pioneer who is that fast you cant see him and who is partial to a primate or 4, a Masked UK Grime Rap Sensation and sun loving Soul legend. I can't spill beans or show pictures of the project we were working on in the studio until it is finished. Stay tuned.

Have had the pleasure of working with the talented lyricist Carter Jones on her children's educational project Oh Micheaux!. Writing melodies to her lyrics are a lot of fun and give you plenty to think about.

The Mamma Freedom album is almost complete in a writing sense. Ive written a new track this week that I'll break down next month when she's done. Another of my 'Bond Songs'.

Ever get round to Mamma Freedom for the Bond Theme I'll have run out, we've written 6 already!

Im also mixing and producing a wonderful Orchestral piece by Neil Reynaert.

I will be starting my tutorial series anytime and would like to get some more video topics to explore.

This being the case I'd like to call out to my fellow musical brethren and sisterhood.

Do you have any questions about your musical recordings, or home studios or laptops production.

Do you wish you could get something better? Are you struggling with clarity in a mix, too much bottom end, low muddy vocals, bad drum sounds, anything that could be answered?

Well please drop me and email at and write a short description of the issue or what you want to know and I will do a video on that.

Well thanks E'body for reading and its Avengers: End Game and Game Of Thrones time and more importantly Manchester City 4 wins from an unprecedented treble so enjoy.

Look after each other and work hard and work smart

Peace Ya'll



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