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The end of 2017, the start of 2018 and The Studio has had a facelift!

Hello all.

Well after a full 2 week refurbishment my beloved studio is back open and ready for music again.

I will be posting some new pictures and J will be filming a promo video shortly to show you all around.

After completing a hugely busy last 6months which including the re-make and re-arrange we did of Hearsay30 and Live Forever for Alexander O'Neal and our label Resurrection records, a live Children In Need performance by Myself and Howard Francis for BBC, a recorded ITV Christmas Eve Carol Concert and the taping of a chat show for 2018, myself and studio manager Gareth decided it was time to pull out the control, live room and lounge and start again.

We are very proud of our efforts and are very excited for you all to see her finished.

In other news, work on the 3rd Mamma Freedom album has begun and expect a new JV Johnston album at some point this year too along with Alexander O'Neals brand new studio album 'Resurrected"

All very exciting and things we are all looking forward to.

That is all.

Peace and love to all, ya'll



Alexander Johnston


CMI Music Group

CMI Music Group Head Alexander Johnston

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