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Grand Northern Sync: The sync licensing and music supervision department.

We work with global brands and are always looking for songs to place in Film, Television, Documentaries, Short Films, Adverts, Web Ads, Highlight Shows and many more.


You will also submit a track to Alex for critiquing. If you feel you have a great track but feel it may be missing something, he will give your song a thorough listen and detailed critique to help you finish it to its full potential and help you with an insight into what Music Professionals are looking for in a piece of music.

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Submit Song


Major Licensing Company Looking for:


Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Trap music for an international licensing and production company with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

With placements in film, TV and ads worldwide, some of their clients include HBO, VH1, Netflix, Cartoon Network, Food & Network, Disney Channel, Chevy, Pepsi, Nike, Direct TV, Samsung, Budwiser, Verizon, and Lexus, amongst others.

Unreleased tracks are welcome, but artists must have more than five released tracks, as a deal will most likely include multiple songs.

GNS24/2 Global Engineering Brand Looking for:


Tracks with a very mainstream vibe for an upcoming ad campaign. Think fierce, bold, with lots of attitude and a dynamic production.

Genre wise, anything pop, electro, rock, indie or other mainstream genres will be perfect.

No explicit lyrics, please.

GNS24/3 Global Lifestyle Brand Looking for:


All kinds of holiday music in any genre for artists to perform/release and/or for various sync opportunities. Submissions should be uptempo with a happy go lucky lyrics and melody.

GNS24/4 Health and Wellfare Brand Looking for:


Looking for: an instrumental track to soundtrack an upcoming ad campaign. The track should be rock or pop-rock themed and have a good broadcast quality.

The music should be fun, mid-tempo and punchy. Think anthemic with a plucky attitude. Something that could be an ear worm.

GNS24/5 Major Licensing Company Looking for:


Looking for: a calm song, but not sad like the reference "Your Song" by Elton John. It doesn't mean it should be a love song but we hope the lyrics are positive.

Both songs with vocals and no vocals will be considered.

GNS24/6 Punk-Pop Needed Song For Romantic Drama


The production team for a new film are looking for some upbeat pop-punk for a playful scene of a couple. The song should feel confident and bullish but not too aggressive.

It is very important the overall tone remains optimistic and is fitting to the love story taking place on the screen.

It would be great if any songs you submit have relevant fun and romantic lyrical themes.
This is a young adult film, so the team wants all the music to feel youthful and current to represent the characters. Please submit edgy and energetic pop that could put you in a good mood!

GNS24/9 Energetic, Anthemic Pop Rock Songs Needed For Ad Campaign

Looking for: A track to soundtrack an upcoming campaign for a betting company. The vibe should be supercool and energetic. With themes that are powerful, anthemic, high energy.

Genres can be Indie, Pop, Rock, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock

Track needs to have the sports confidence that inspires, but without any aggression. Think teamwork, camaraderie.


GNS24/7 Lazy Morning-Music For Kitchenware Ad Campaign Needed

Imagine the perfect Sunday morning, in your stylish kitchen, playing some nice and easy soul songs or maybe some nu jazz to start off a chilled day. For this brief, we need songs that you would add to that early morning playlist!

The production team wants music that represents those peaceful moments in the kitchen cooking breakfast or a candlelit dinner. This brand is luxurious so any songs you submit should be elegant and simple to help give a sophisticated feel to the campaign.

There are a variety of genres that may work, notably; soul, R&B and general jazz, chill out, instrumental, hiphop


GNS24/10 Seeking Positive, Fun Mid To Up-Tempo Songs

A successful advertising company is currently seeking Mid-to-Up-Tempo Tunes similar to the references attached.

Please submit well-produced tracks that would sound awesome in a big TV commercial! Your submissions should have authentic-sounding rock instrumentation, fun, catchy melodies, and super memorable choruses that pop right out and stick with the listener. Be sure your vocals sound current and are well-performed from top to bottom.

Songs should lyrically work in advertising and be positive, uplifting, and fun. Make sure that they are the kind of lyrics that will appeal to the listeners and encourage them to buy and use the product in the commercial.

Do NOT copy the referenced artists or songs in any way, shape, or form. Use them only as a general guide for tempo, tone, and overall vibe.

Broadcast Quality is needed.


GNS24/8 Major Licensing Company Looking for:


For this perfume campaign we need music as fresh as the scent! This brief asks for a cool up-and-coming female artist - or band with female vocals - with a soft and youthful sound.

It is important that she has a chill and relaxed vibe but can still energize the visuals. It should feel raw and new whilst also having a vintage tinge or influence.

The music and lyrics should feel positive overall, our client definitely does not want any melancholy or explicit themes.

Any lyrics about the outdoors, summer or bright days etc. are a bonus!

GNS24/11 Vintage-Sounding Indie-Rock Needed For Film Scene

Looking for: vintage sounding indie-rock music that has a sense of individuality and a quirky vibe. The client definitely does not want songs with a harsh vocal but they are not opposed to a hint of darkness. The overall tone of the scene is fairly ominous so music to reflect this would be ideal.

Whilst they are asking for a retro feel, any tracks we pitch must have only been released within the last three years.

GNS24/12 Looking for: a song to soundtrack an upcoming sportswear ad.


The track will soundtrack an athlete getting ready and preparing for a match, so the track should start off calm or have a calm section to it before it goes into a high energy, motivational and inspiring chorus.

The song needs to have inspiring and uplifting lyrics.

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